Commission: Ink+Watercolour Bookmark (original)


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### ABOUT ###

  • You will get a custom Ink+Watercolour painting in bookmark format (yes, you get the original) 1 character half or full body (half works best), in my style, like the attached images. With simple color background. Additional props not included in the price.
  • The original image, covered by a removable non-acid vinyl protector and decorated with a matching color tassel.
  • This type of commission only includes 1 character. If you want more characters in the same image, let me know before placing your order.

### DETAILS ###

  • Original commissions are signed both front and back with my signature, name of the painting and stamp.
  • This commission are for personal use only. You can use the finished work for print your personal posters, frames, mugs or tattoos. You cannot sell any item with my work on it and make profit of my work. 
  • The artwork will include an small signature with my credits. This signature cannot be removed. If you like to have all the rights over the artwork, you must pay for this rights, so contact me for the details and rates. 
  • I can publish the artwork in my gallery as portfolio purposes.
  • I cannot do:
    • Fanart.
    • Mechas.
    • Gore, extreme violence and weird things.
    • Porn. Nudity and erotism is ok.
  • Please allow up to 4 weeks for completion.
  • If you’d like to see the steps of the drawing, ask me for it in the order note (if not, you will only receive the final image, and cannot do any modifications or revisions). 
  • I’ll send you a very first rough sketch to define the pose. You can make changes in this phase only. 
  • Once the lineart is finished, I’ll send you a preview, and then you can ask only for small edits.

### FORM ###
Please fill the following form and send it to me through my email (store[AT]monicang[DOT]com). 

  • Visual references: (if any)
  • Info: (A brief description: sex, age, especies, face features, hair nad eye colour, personality… and other minor details)

If you’ve got any questions feel free to ask before placing your order.


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